When will my prescriptions be dispensed?

Our process is a commitment to our customers to exceed their existing pharmacy experience. We want to be better, faster, and more affordable. We want to do this without sacrificing quality or care, and we are making a commitment to get it done, for you.

“We Do All the Work” Commitment

Here at MailMyPrescriptions.com®, it is our commitment to do “all of the work” for you to facilitate your order at no additional cost. What does this mean? Well, after you check your price online or call for a quote, if you decide to place an order for a prescription drug, we will collect payment for your order. Upon doing so, we will immediately initiate a prescription request from your physician(s) or other health care provider(s) and/or a pharmacy transfer from your current pharmacy(s). If there are any issues facilitating the receipt of or transferring those prescriptions to our pharmacy service, we will contact you to get your assistance if necessary, or at least provide updates. If we are unable to facilitate your order of a prescription drug and you choose to not receive the prescription drug, than we will refund your partial or full order.

Either way, our commitment to you is that, from the time you pay us to the time you receive your order(s) in the mail, you do not have to do any work. If you are ever dissatisfied with our service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Service Level Commitment

Our Service Level Commitment begins when we receive all of the prescriptions relating to an order from your physician or health care provider *. Upon receipt of the prescription(s) from the physician(s) or health care professional(s), the Service Level Commitment remains in place until the shipment is received by USPS. Our commitment is to have it on the USPS truck within three (3) business days, unless a drug shortage** affects the order.

All orders will arrive to your door within 7 business days from the date the pharmacy receives ALL prescriptions in the order from the physician(s).***

**In the event of a drug shortage, an order may need to be partially dispensed.

***Subject to USPS delivery guarantees. See shipping policy for more details.

*Delays in receipt of prescriptions

If we have trouble receiving all prescriptions necessary for an order within two (2) business days of receipt of payment for that order, then we will notify you of the delay. At that time, you may choose to break the order up, therefore incurring multiple shipping charges, or attempt to contact your physician or health care professional to request that the missing prescription(s) be provided to us.  At your discretion, you may cancel and receive a refund for any prescription drug that you are having difficulty in transferring the prescription to us.  


**Drug Shortages

In the event MailMyPrescriptions.com cannot obtain the prescription drug from the specific FDA-approved manufacturer referenced on your order, and there is an alternative manufacturer available, we will change the manufacturer at no additional charge to you.

In the event MailMyPrescriptions.com CANNOT obtain any supply of the prescription drug ordered, we will contact you to refund the cost of the prescription. If the order contains other prescription(s) drugs, we will request permission from you to break the order up into two or more shipments to fulfill the order as soon as possible. 

Read more about Our Process & Commitment here.

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