How can I safely store my medications?

  • Store medications in a cool and dry environment as heat and humidity can damage medications. Bathrooms and kitchens are often warm and humid and may not be the best storage choice.
  • Keep the medicine in the bottle it came in. The amber color of prescription containers protects the medicine from light. You will also have the label information right there about what the medicine is, its dosage and how often to take it. The label will also have the phone number of the pharmacy, so you can call when it is time for a refill.
  • If you do use a weekly pillbox to help you remember to take your medicines, keep the original bottles so that you can quickly access dosing information and refill information that are printed on the bottle or packaging.
  • Never mix different medicines in the same bottle. You might end up taking the wrong one by mistake.
  • Keep the lids on your pill bottles tightly closed. A cap can’t be child resistant if it’s not closed correctly.
  • Keep medications up and away and out of sight to prevent children, pets or other (unwanted) persons from getting into them.
  • Expiration dates should be checked regularly. Medications past their expiration date may not be effective and in some cases, can cause harm

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