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Return Policy

  • Per pharmacy regulations, we cannot accept prescriptions for return or refund once they have shipped.  
  • Please inspect all orders upon receipt. If there are any discrepancies with your order, you must notify within 72 hours.

Coordination of Care

  • We only accept prescriptions sent directly from a licensed prescriber electronically through their prescribing software program. Prescribers can find our pharmacy in the "Mail Order" Pharmacy directory or use our NCPDP #5733325. Alternatively, the prescription(s) can be faxed to 833-308-0115. We cannot dispense the medication until we receive a valid prescription.
  • If we have trouble receiving all the prescriptions for an order within three (3) business days of receipt of payment for that order, we will notify you of the delay. At your discretion, you may cancel the order.

  • If you selected for us to contact the doctor we will submit your prescription request to your prescriber for the quantity requested.  If your prescriber approves a lesser quantity than requested, it will be processed for that lower quantity.  If this occurs, the pharmacy will notify you via email.
  • If there are any discrepancies between your order and the receipt of your prescription(s), we will notify you via Email. 
  • Prices quotes are valid for two weeks; If we receive your prescription(s) after this time frame, we will email you to request re-authorization for payment.  


Automatic Refills

  • Here are the new ways you can order your refills through our  pharmacy services:

    1. Auto-Refill Program

    2. Text Message Refill Reminders and Ordering 

    3. Automated Voice Refill Reminders and Ordering

  • Please call 888-858-8873 to place your refill order through the interactive voice response (IVR) refill hotline

  • Your 7-digit prescription number can be located on the upper left-hand corner of the prescription bottle label

  • Call us at (800) 964-9654 to enroll in the Auto-Refill Program or Automated Refill Reminders

       Terms and Conditions can be found here. 

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