Why doesn’t MailMyPrescriptions.com allow patients to mail in or email prescriptions?

  • Pharmacy regulations prevent pharmacies from accepting prescriptions emailed by the patient.
  • Mailmyprescriptions.com only accepts prescriptions sent directly from a license prescriber via secure fax or sent electronically through their prescribing software program.
  • This policy is in effect for a number of reasons. 
  • First, it allows mailmyprescriptions.com to keep costs low, which allows us to keep drug prices low, by being a “paper-less” facility.  A “paper-less” facility means that we keep all documents electronically and therefore do not have the expense of a mail room staff, scanning equipment or document storage.
  • Secondly, it is a measure we have taken to ensure the legitimacy of prescriptions we receive, which is required by state and federal regulations as well as accreditation agencies. 

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